Ich finds echt nett das ihr euch so liep um mich kümmert XD

Ich mach mal nen neuen Eintrag, der alte hat ja was genervt, ihr und eure verbohrte meinung, ohne sinn und verstand... *NothingLeftToSay*

mhh... mal überlegen... ja ein Unforgiven Tragedy Song


Way Down Low

The prettiest thing
I ever did see
Was lightning from the top of a cloud
Moving through the dark a million miles
With somewhere to be
Why can't I what I want to be? Everything just passes by!

So why does it seem
Like a picture
Hanging up on someone else's wall
Lately I just haven't been myself at all
It's heavy on my mind

The prettiest thing
I ever did see
Was dusty as the handle on the door
Lightning form the top of a cloud
Looks like home to me
And way down low

I'm dreamin' again


& Before forget the most importante thing:

Honey i love youuuuu <3

You make me soooo sooo sooo happy

"Mein Ohrring, äh, dein Ohrring!" "Du hastn Ohrring?" XD

6.12.06 21:17

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